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Shared Values and Standards of High Performance Teams


07 September 2021

Teams that consistently perform at a high level, be they sports teams, organizations, families, or communities, have an intentional set of commitments, practices, and values that each member shares.

Below is a list of actions, commitments, characteristics, and values/standards that are common on high-performing teams. They are one example that can be used to create your own. Importantly, these are not a "one and done" conversation. These shared values and commitments should be developed together with a discussion of the meaning behind each - how they show up in real life - and continuously discussed openly without judgment.

Two questions high-performing teams always ask regardless of the result: What are we doing well? & What could be better?

Actions Required to Build a High-Performance Team

1. Each member resolves that they’re on the team.

2. Create an aligned commitment that is greater than any one individual’s agenda.

3. Establish leadership and coaching structures, and then empower those individuals to act.

4. Each team member makes themselves available for requests.

5. Personal concerns get resolved inside the team’s commitment.

6. Leaders, coaches, and team members acknowledge one another and express their appreciation.

Commitments of a High-Performance Team:

1. Integrity

2. Impeccability

3. Accountability

4. Trust

5. Achievement

6. Completion

Characteristics of High-Performance Teams:

1. Results are declared upfront.

2. Individuals are strongly committed to the team result.

3. Strong leadership is present (powerful requests and promises occur as well as compassion for what it takes to produce these results).

4. Risk is allowed and encouraged.

5. Practices and policies are derived from the commitment of the team.

6. Team members believe and declare that their participation on the team will make a difference.

7. The people are committed to their talents and to producing extraordinary results.

8. Quality is not sacrificed.

Shared Team Values and Standards

In order to encourage the synergy, which results from shared understandings and expectations, world-class teams apply these values to their own conduct.

Tell the Truth 

I respect the confidentiality of others. I tell the truth to myself and also to everyone else, without placing myself in a position where I am “triangulated” or prevented from constructive action by secrets or gossip.

Full Disclosure 

I disclose all relevant facts in every situation within my team.. I win, you win, we win, they win, the Planet wins.

Win / Win 

Anything less than Win/Win is a zero-sum game, simply moving the chips around without creating any new value. I know that Win/Lose eventually becomes Lose/Lose.


I do what I say I will do when I say I will do it. That way, if it gets very dark, dicey, or lonesome I still know what to expect from each member of the team.

Being In Integrity

I say and do on the outside that which matches who I am on the inside.

Honoring Rules

Honoring the ground rules of every game I am in. I negotiate for changes in rules that don’t work for me or I get out and play a different game so that maximum energy can be focused on the purpose of my endeavors.

Full Participation

I release positions that interfere with my full participation and bring all of myself to every encounter.


I keep my inner and outer environment free of procrastinated tasks and unfinished communications. I do them, date them, or dump them.


I practice the point of view that I attract to me that which occurs. I recognize that if something is to be, it is up to me.

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